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The facts about staffing

Let's bust some common myths

"It costs money to work with a staffing agency like Konnect Resources."

The truth: Partnering with Konnect Resources does not take a cut of your wages. Konnect Resources never charges candidates who are looking for work and applying for jobs. Our services to job seekers are absolutely FREE.

"Konnect Resources can only provide temporary work."

The truth: We have a wide variety of opportunities for talent looking for work. We provide temporary work, temp-to-hire, part-time, and direct hire jobs. This flexibility and freedom allows temporary employees the opportunity to become full-time employees if both parties feel it is a good fit.

"It takes a long time to find a job through a service like Konnect Resources."

The truth: Our main goal is to place worthy candidates with companies who are excited to expand their teams. We have been able to get people connected with a hiring manager, interviewed, and given an offer letter within the same week. We try our very best to konnect as many people as possible while making sure the quality of candidates and job offers remain to our standards.

Without using Konnect Resources, many applicants are unsure who is the right person to contact at a company. Our partnerships with the hiring managers expedite this process.

"Staffing agencies don’t care if you're happy at your job. Once you're hired, there's no follow-up."

The truth: We don't forget about our candidates once they've been hired. We want our employees to feel fulfilled and appreciated at their jobs. At Konnect, we take the time to get to know each applicant to improve their odds of finding the perfect fit. If one job doesn’t work out, we are ready to find another role that will be a better fit. Our entire team genuinely cares about our job candidates and is dedicated to making sure they succeed.

"All staffing agencies are the same."

The truth: Although the industry faces many of the same staffing misconceptions and all agencies have the same end goal in mind, not all agencies are built the same. At Konnect, we take a relationship focused approach that often yields a more seamless, enjoyable result. We take care of our candidates and pursue a working relationship that goes far beyond their first placement.

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