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At Konnect Resources, we value human connection and lifelong partnerships. Each relationship we have with our clients and associates is unique and personalized. We look to create friendships and help build teams and relationships that go way beyond a single transaction.

No robots here! 🤖
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The best partnerships last a lifetime

Working professionals all want similar things at the end of the day:
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Do great, meaningful work
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Work in an environment where we're supported and challenged by our peers

Work, after all, is a place where many of us spend at least half our waking hours.

Our staff has been working together for over 10 years and we’ve been with many of our clients for just as long. We believe the best partnerships are those that last a lifetime.

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Our team

Konnect is a women-owned company and an equal opportunity employer.
Photo of Steve Kul of Konnect Resources
Steve Kul
Managing Director
Serial dog rescuer.
Photo of Lukicia Kul of Konnect Resources
Lukicia Kul
Director of Marketing
Loves to travel. Has always wanted to raise chickens.
Photo of Liz Klewein of Konnect Resources
Liz Klewein
Director of Operations
Enjoys Disneyland and spending time with family.
Photo of Angela de la Fuente of Konnect Resources
Angela de la Fuente
HR & Program Director
Enjoys spending time with family on the soccer field.
Photo of Jackie Davila of Konnect Resources
Jackie Davila
Recruiting Manager
Total rock artist. Loves to collect and paint rocks.
Photo of Daisy Cardenas of Konnect Resources
Daisy Cardenas
Director of Business Development
Coffee and fashion enthusiast.
Photo of Briseida Gomez of Konnect Resources
Briseida Gomez
Nature lover. The outdoors are calling!
Photo of Miriam Zavala of Konnect Resources
Miriam Zavala
Office Coordinator
Loves to dance.
Photo of Kristen Ruiz of Konnect Resources
Kristen Arneson
Payroll Coordinator
Identical twin. Huge sports (hockey!) and coffee fan.
Photo of Jessica Yerkes of Konnect Resources
Jessica Yerkes
Marketing Project Manager
Thinks athleisure is a personality trait.
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